Review: Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

Maire is a magical baker – she can imbue her cakes and confectioneries with emotions and qualities, which then are felt and experienced by those who eat them. But Maire has no memories prior to being found on the road to the town by Arrice four and a half years ago. With the help of Arrice and her husband, Maire has built a life for herself in the town, with a possible love match waiting in the wings.

This ends suddenly with marauders attacking the town and either capturing or killing a large portion of the population. Maire is sold to Allemas as a slave, and he has the power to move her from world to world, finding her jobs where he can make money from her remarkable skill.

Fyel finds Maire – he is an angel-like creature, barely substantial in her world. They have a connection which he doesn’t want to disclose, but which she can almost feel. As Fyel continues to visit, Maire’s memories begin to stir. She starts to remember her past, and her connection to both Fyel and Allemas.


I had a lot of hope for this book, but I confess I was disappointed. There were some hints in the book towards fairy tales and other stories, which led me to believe there was more depth to the book than what there was, and because of that I found the ending lacklustre. The writing was lovely and fairy-tale like, and the world building was enjoyable. All in all its a solid, if straight forward, read.

 3 out of 5 magical crystals.



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