#24in48 Saturday Night check in

So far it’s looking pretty grim – 5 hours down, 19 to go. And between a week of illness and 24 hours with some teens I don’t think there will be a lot more action tonight.

I decided to hit a couple of books I had started first.

Speak by Louisa Hall was the first – I absolutely adored the way she used the novel to explore the use of voice, stories and language and the appropriations of these particularly of women’s voices and stories.

I’m now reading Shocked by David Casarett, and I have to say it’s an absolute delight. Given that it is exploring the history of resuscitation, you wouldn’t expect there to be much to laugh about, but Casarett’s witty turn of phrase (not to mention the obvious disdain for a lot of animal testing done in the area) makes for a fun time. I have about 3 hours to go on this one, so should finish it tomorrow unless a flight of fancy takes me elsewhere.

Speaking of flights of fancy, one of my Litsy peeps challenged me to post a photo on Litsy being the first person to be jumping on a trampoline while reading. Challenge accepted.

You can find me on Litsy as Sue. Come and join the fun – it’s hands down my favourite social media app.

How is the readathon weekend treating you?


  1. Kinda wish I’d joined in on the readathon, but might do my own or something like it soon. Have you received tour LGP book yet? Mine hasn’t arrived yet. Camped out behind the door for the post, ha!


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    • I think the Dewey Readathon is up next on the weekend of October 22. I won’t be joining on that one as it’s my mum’s birthday weekend and I’m taking her on a road trip. Yes, my package arrived Friday. (My sender got it in the post early though.) My poor recipient is also still waiting 😦


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