Thank you and Goodnight – #24in48 wrap up

It’s all over. I clocked up a not very impressive 14 hours worth of reading. Though to be honest I’m impressed I’ve managed to do 14 hours of anything other than sleeping given how ill I’ve been over the last week. This is where audiobooks really come into their own for me – I listened to books for the entire time as it allowed me to lie down and exert myself as little as possible while still ingesting wordage.

I woke stupidly early and found it difficult to get into the pace. I started off with a bit of Angelmaker then moved to Binti, before getting stuck into Herland thanks the The Bookish Feminist. I also managed to finish Shocked which was fun. 

Litsy was also heaps of fun today, completely alive with all the participants photos and updates. It has been a pleasure playing along with everyone. I will no doubt check in tomorrow and see how everyone is finishing up.

Where are you in your readathon goals?


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