1. Cute. I plan on signing up for a subscription box from Fairy Loot or maybe this one, but the cost per month is a little high for me as I pay for school, so I’ll have to wait and enjoy others opening theirs!!
    Looks like she’ll have fun with the stuff in there. “She’ll smell like books!” Loved that!

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    • Thanks!! We also signed up to the Dragon’s Hoard box (https://thedragonshoard.cratejoy.com/) which I think comes out mid month. I guess the best thing about the boxes is that we know we’ll both read the content, and the bookish extras are also awesome – we’re fighting over the scarf. 🙂 Fairy Loot looks great, but I’m a little recalcitrant to ship from overseas – the Aussie dollar is such a poor performer at the moment I’m sure I’d get a huge shock when the bill turned up!

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      • Oh. Are you an Aussie too? Wow! I swear, I have so many Aussie and British friends!
        And bad you! Share the scarf, lol! It IS pretty cute.
        I guess I didn’t realize that your daughter DID speak with an accent…

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