The Sunshine Blogger Award


Imogen and I are stoked to have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you so much to Jasmine at How Useful It Is for nominating us! Make sure you check out her awesome blog!

Ok, let’s go.


• Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
• Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you.
• Nominate eleven new blogs to receive the award and write them eleven new questions.
• List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

Here are Jasmine’s questions and our answers:

1) What is it about writing that you like so much?

  • Imogen: The thing I like about writing is that it’s a piece of your soul which you can choose to share with people or keep private.
  • Sue: Unlike speaking, writing you can think about and edit. I’m much better in writing than in person, I find it much easier to express myself in writing than with the spoken word.

2) Do you ever experience writer’s block? Even when you write a book review.

  • Imogen: Writer’s block, so much fun. Yes I definitely get writers block, even on reviews.
  • Sue: Oh yeah. All the time. I find that if I can force myself to write something, then the right thing will eventually emerge.

3) What do you like about having a blog?

  • Imogen: I like having a blog because like-minded people can find it and you can get to know more people.
  • Sue: Worst case, the blog is a justified means of me talking to myself, best case, and this is happening more frequently, it’s a great way to connect with people in the bookish internet community.

4) What do you dedicate your time most on? Read to review or participate more on blogging memes?

  • Imogen: I have no idea what I dedicate most of my time to, probably watching anime and reading manga, and I’d day participating on more blogging memes.
  • Sue: Reading for review without a doubt. My Netgalley queue is out of control. At the moment I’m trying to knock over two books in a weekend to get it to a more manageable level, but some awesome books have become available this month!

5) If you have a 5 days vacation, where would you go or what would you do?

  • Imogen: My bed and read/watch anime.
  • Sue: I’d go to the beach and read. Or to somewhere like Mullumbimby and read. Either way, books.

6) What interesting things have you done this past year?

  • Imogen: I had a Japanese Tea Ceremony at my school last week and last weekend I met Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff at the Brisbane Writers Festival.
  • Sue: The Brisbane Writer’s Festival was awesome! I’m also participating in an awesome group project called Litsy Goes Postal. A bunch of us on Listy have gotten together under the guidance of @MrBook to participate in a postal book club. I’ll post more about it, but it’s amazing!

7) What is your favorite book at the moment?

  • Imogen: I really can’t decide.
  • Sue: I can’t pick a favourite. But some current favourites: Illuminae, Dark Matter, Nevernight and both of Becky Chambers Wayfarer books.

8) Is your bookshelf in another room or in your bedroom?

  • Imogen: It used to be in my bedroom, but is now in another room.
  • Sue: Our bookshelves are in the rumpus room, but there are piles of books by my bed.

9) What do you collect the most of?

  • Imogen: Souls
  • Sue: Well, books of course.

10) How often do you get a haircut?

  • Imogen: Every time split ends annoy me.
  • Sue: As infrequently as possible

11) What is one positive thing you hope your blog accomplishes?

  • Imogen: Opening people up to new genres and books, and kindling people’s reading passion.
  • Sue: I really hope our blog exposes people to books they wouldn’t have encountered or considered reading otherwise, and in turn get some more readers for authors who don’t get a lot of exposure.


Our Questions:

  1. Is there a genre that you don’t like to read but like to watch in a movie/TV show or vice versa?
  2. If you were stuck in a zombie apocalypse who or what would you want to have with you?
  3. What is your favourite form of poetry?
  4. Winter or Summer?
  5. Who is your favourite author from your country of origin?
  6. Do you know how to play an instrument?
  7. Who was your favourite childhood author?
  8. Apple or Android?
  9. Where do you dream of going on holiday?
  10. Tea or coffee?
  11. If you could only have one book or series forever, what would it be?

We nominate:

We’re looking forward to learning more about you all!

Yours in books,

Sue and Imogen.


  1. Didn’t realize your blog has two writers 🙂 Awesome! I feel the same way about Sue for the reason why I like to write. Why do you collect souls Imogen? haha.. I’m glad to know that your NetGalley queue is out of control Sue, so is mine.. hahaha…

    Liked by 2 people

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