It’s Monday! What are you reading?

The It’s Monday! What are you reading? book meme is hosted by Book Date.

I always have multiple books on the go.

For my commute, I’m listening to this on audio:


Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies was recommended by the wonderful Liberty from All the Books  I have gone into it completely blind – with a title like that, who needs information! Turns out it’s YA fantasy and right up my alley. The protagonist is delightfully snarky and I suspect he’s about to find himself in hot water.

If I get any down time, I’m reading this ARC on Kindle:


A young man has his identity stolen by a drug ring which then executes a bunch of dangerous drug runners leaving him terrified, broke and desperate. So he submits to his fate and starts on a crime spree to get himself enough money to set himself up in New York until he can come up with a better plan. I’m about 40% through this one so far.

Imogen is reading:

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this book enough times to cause no confusion. Imogen is gearing up for the release of Gemina (and I have been told that if I manage to acquire Gemina prior to our ordered copies coming in on November 1, my physical safety will be forfeit.)

What’s your reading week looking like?




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