Review: Strong is the New Pretty


Strong is the New Pretty is a fantastic collection of photographs taken by Kate T Parker of girls being themselves.

Inspired by her own daughters, Parker has photographed upwards of 175 girls, and each photo is accompanied by their words as they tell their own story of what it’s like to be a girl now.


This book! I’ll be picking up a copy when it becomes available here in Australia.

The girls in this book are strong, independent, self-aware, brave and fiercely determined – qualities. They share their insights about what it is like to be themselves against society’s expectations. The photos are beautiful and capture the spirits of each of the girls. This book shows an essence of girlhood which is openly neglected – the desire of girls to participate in world rather than being pushed aside and kept in frills and lace, which seems to be where society (still!!) wants to keep them.

As the mother of a girl who is also strong, independent, self-aware, brave and fiercely determined, I want this book on my coffee table.

5 out of 5 shattered misconceptions.



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