Reading Around the World – Prep Phase

I’m getting pretty excited about my Reading Around the World journey.

I’m still doing a bunch of research to find authors to read from every country – you can see how I’m going on the dedicated page. 

I’ve made a few decisions about how I’m going to accumulate the books. Normally I listen to audiobooks, or read on my kindle. I’ve decided though that I want actual copies of the books I’m using for this project. This may not always be possible, but that is what I will try for in the first instance. I think I may also need to change my mission statement to be “at least one” book from every country in the world, because I’m discovering so many amazing authors!!

I’ve started the long (and expensive!) process of ordering the books in so I have somewhere to start in January.

I’m getting sucked in by a lot of these covers – isn’t the cover for Honour beautiful?

I’m looking forward to reading Anita Heiss’s book – Heiss is an Indigenous Aussie author and this is a pretty new release. Even better, she is doing a book talk at my favourite Indie book store, Avid Reader, in February. Awesome!!

As always, please feel free to leave me any recommendations for awesome reads (available in English 🙏🏼) from your part of the world in the comments.


    • Thank you, I’ve added that one to my list, it looks amazing!! If I can’t order through my local bookstore, I’m using (they also do free shipping). The book depository is in my backup list – the Aussie dollar is even more disastrous against the pound than the US dollar!

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  1. I really like the cover for Honor and can already guess what the book is about. Where is the setting? It looks great.All the best with this project. I will be looking out for your reviews and adding more books to my TBR.

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    • Thank you, and thanks for stopping by! Half the fun for me is the research and planning – I’m not good at spontaneous 😊 And I’ve found so many awesome writers already.

      Have you written about your experience on your blog? I’d be interested to follow your journey.

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      • I have a page for it on my blog, but it’s a bit clunky, because I’ve used a Google Map to document it, and it’s not showing up too well! 😦 Oh well :/
        I’ll definitely have to start planning for it, for next year then! Planning can be so fun ^_^

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      • Awesome! I’ll check it out. I’ve not had much luck with the map thing myself. You’re in Australia as well?

        Feel free to drop a link for me and I can link to your blog. It would be cool if there were a few of us 🙂


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