Dragon’s Hoard Unboxing – November

It’s Dragon’s Hoard time again! I always look forward to receiving this box – Joyce does a stunning job each time.

I got home from work too late to film the opening like we normally do, so here are some photos instead.

The theme for this month Is Lights, Camera, Action! 

Here we have the usual introductory card, a beautifully rendered quote from the featured book (which I’ve had laminated – it’s destined for Imogen’s wall), a themed lip balm, and great tote bag featuring another quote. (Quote on a tote – I like it a lot!)

Here is this month’s book – how gorgeous is that cover?!? And that’s a wooden bookmark with another wonderful quote.

Radiance by Catherine M. Valente:

(From the back of the book)

Severin Unck, daughter of a world-famous film director, has inherited her father’s love of the big screen but not his gothic style of film making. Instead, Severin makes documentaries, artful and passionate and even rather brave – for she is a realist in a fantastic alternate universe, in which the solar system contains all manner of creatures, cults and colonies.

For Severin’s latest project she heads to the watery planet of Venus to investigate the disappearance of a diving colony there. But something goes wrong during the course of their investigations, and her crew go home without her.

All that remains of Severin are fragments. Can these snippets of scenes and shots, voices and memories be pieced together to tell the story of her life – and shed light on the mystery of her vanishing?

Can’t wait to get into it  – it sounds amazing!!!

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