Litsy Goes Postal

I’ve mentioned a number of times about how much I love the Litsy app. 

Book Riot is on board and also gave the app some love recently, which you can read about here .

I’m pretty stoked about this article actually.  Number 5 on this list of awesome things happening on Litsy is the Litsy Goes Postal project that I’m involved with. 

Litsy Goes Postal is a Postal book club. There are 33 of us in the original group. Most of the participants are in the US, but there are two of us who make up the international contingent.

We each selected a book, which we posted out along with a journal to the next person on the list. The idea is to read the book, share your thoughts in the journal and then pass it on! Each book will go through everyone’s hands and will come back to us with the feedback from this amazing bunch of people. We should receive our own books back in June 2020, making it a 3.5 year project.

Graham Greene hanging out in Brisbane
If it had been pitched to me like that, I probably wouldn’t have signed up – it sounds like a lot of commitment. In reality it’s pretty cruisy – you have 6 weeks to read your book and send it on it’s merry way. 

I feel really lucky to be a part of the initial group – they are a great bunch, so friendly, open and supportive. The other thing I love about it is that I’m being exposed to books that I probably wouldn’t have read on my own.  It’s also been a great opportunity for me to learn more about the US. As an Aussie, I’ve always been more focussed on the UK than the US, but now my copy of Burial Rites is off on a big adventure, I have a vested interest to see where it’s going. And we have some super clever and talented members one of the ladies designed our logo.

Jason, or @MrBook on Litsy, is the mastermind of our little group. He did an amazing job co-ordinating us and organising our schedule so we went from an enthusiastic group to an enthusiastic group with a clear plan in a matter of days. He has said that he has trackers all over the walls of his house to keep tabs on the project.  He is now helping other groups to get themselves organised so they can also join in the fun.

Check out Litsy, and come find me – I’m @Sue.  Like any app it’s all about who you follow, and the folks there are all about diverse reading. You can find out more about Litsy Goes Postal by checking the tag #litsygoespostal or #lgp. You can follow the group news at  @LitsyGoesPostal, or even looking up the Terry Pratchett book Going Postal. 


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