Readathon Weekend!

Hey folks!

I had a pretty exciting day yesterday – I got to hear the wonderful Magda Szubanski talk at a function and afterwards was able to get my copy of her memoir signed (MAGDA TOUCHED MY BOOK!!!) I took a bunch of notes which I will type up for you soon – she spoke beautifully about diversity.

This weekend the Dewey’s readathon is happening. I have a few things going on, but I’ll be participating when I can. Most excitingly, this weekend is a long weekend in Queensland, so I’ll be able to keep going until it’s all over in the US. (Normally I have to be content to read wrap up posts while I’m at work on Monday.)

I have so much good stuff to read. Like this.

I also have the rest of the Stella’s shortlist that I need to motor through.

Are you participating in Dewey’s? What’s in your stack?

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