I read some other stuff too (week ending June 25)

Let’s do this:

I am all of the awkward, all of the time, and I really enjoyed this book. Tashiro talks about social awkwardness (and how that differs from introversion and social anxiety) and the science behind it. It’s definitely helped me learn some things about myself and get an idea of strategies I can use to help.

This was a tough read, but so important. Bauer and his team interview women and girls who have escaped from Boko Haram and this book is a collection of their stories and the terrible things they have witnessed and experienced. F you need trigger warnings, consider them all given – there is some truly horrific stuff in here.

This is a fascinating story of what happened to Susannah Cahalan when an auto immune disease started attacking her brain. Cahalan’s memory of the time is so impaired she has had to recreate the time from her medical records and interviews with family and friends. This book is beautifully written and absolutely terrifying.

I picked this one up as a Book Riot Insiders recommendation. It was a big bunch of good fun!

So I finally read High Fidelity. I haven’t seen the movie (due to an illogical dislike of John Cusack). Unpopular opinion time – I didn’t like this book. At all. Not even a little bit. I probably would have bailed in the first few chapters if it wasn’t for the excellent narration of Russell Tovey.

So I’m now at 132 books completed for this year (my Goodreads challenge is set at 150), and I’m pretty happy about that. As next weekend co-insides with the end of June (kinda) I might do some top 5s (as a little nod to Nick Hornby. Hm. I wonder if he got called Nick Horny at school…)

Also, sign ups for the 24 in 48 readathon are open, so get over there and do your thing!

Have an awesome week!

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