I Read Stuff (Week Ending June 18)

I am unforgivably late with this post, and I didn’t want to hit you with a double whammy this week. So here we go:

Evicted was both interesting and heartbreaking. I was utterly astounded at some of the stats and figures, like people being able to buy properties for less than 20k (something which hasn’t been a thing here while I’ve been an adult) and the fact that property owners can evict people if the police get called to their properties – including calls for reasons of domestic violence. People, that is fucked up. If you live in the US you should read this book.

I read this one as part of an Urban Fiction book club through the Book Riot Insiders crew, and it turned into a hate read for all of us. It is an awful combination of not being particularly well written with blatant racism. Avoid at all costs.

I have been trying to make it through Angelmaker for the best part of a year but I couldn’t get past the first chapter because of how bland the protagonist was. I picked it up again after the Insiders crew waxed lyrical about it, and after persisting, I am a convert. The protagonist has a major growth arc, and the female characters go from being completely absent to awesome. The next question is, just how badly do I want a clockwork bee tattoo?

Sarah Knight is my favourite ‘anti-guru’, as she calls herself.  With relatable, no nonsense examples and lots of cursing, this is a great read, even if you have your shit together.

What have you been reading? Have you read any of these? Let’s chat!

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