Prompt 4 – Aussies Rule Challenge

Hi folks!

How is 2018 treating you? It’s Bookfest time here in Brisbane, so we headed in yesterday. As always, so many books in one place made me pretty happy. Look at all this bookish goodness!

Anyway, I’m going to skip to prompt 4 today which is a mystery or thriller by a female writer. Here are some suggestions!

  • Emma Viskic Resurrection Bay and Then Fire Came Down (Vic)
  • Jane Harper The Dry and Force of Nature (Vic)
  • Sarah Schmidt See What I Have Done
  • Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fischer books (Vic)
  • Jennifer Rowe – I had no idea that Emily Rodda was a pseudonym for crime writer Jennifer Rowe! (NSW)
  • Emily Macguire An Isolated Incident (Vic)
  • Nicole Watson The Boundary (Qld)
  • P.M. Newton The Old School, Beams Falling (NSW)
  • Candice Fox Archer and Bennett and Crimson Lake series (NSW)

I’ve only read a few of these (Emma Viskic, Emily Maguire and Nicole Watson) But most of the others have been on my TBR for a while – with the exception of Jennifer Rowe who I stumbled across by accident.

If you are wanting further Aussie crime writing, I would strongly recommend you check out the Ned Kelly Awards (Jane Harper won in 2017 and Emma Viskic in 2016 for best first fiction. Candice Fox has also taken out a couple) for further authors.

What are you planning to read for this prompt? Have you read any of my suggestions?


  1. Oh I didn’t know that about Emily Rodda either! I have read a couple of these – I do love Phryne Fisher! And of course the Dry was fantastic (I think i’m going to read the sequel, Force of Nature, soon!). I have read An Isolated Incident, and enjoyed it, but I feel like it wasn’t quite what I expected. I would add to the list the mystery series Sulari Gentill writes – I haven’t read any yet but am planning to for this prompt!

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  2. lol =) I saw her interview Sarah Schmidt at the Canberra writers’ Festival and she was so lovely!
    Also, we have the Lifeline Book Fair coming up soon and I can’t wait! It’s on the first friday I have at home alone (my daughter is off to preschool!) so I’m planning to have a nice long browse on my own then go back with the family on Sunday =)

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