#BookishBloggersUnite – Books for Seniors by Women Authors

Hey peeps,

This week’s #BookishBloggersUnite tag is about which books by female authors would you give to graduating students + the end of the school year is rapidly approaching in the US. This week’s tag is being hosted by Katy over at The Bookish Cronk. Make sure you check out her blog, and remember you can join us at any time – just pop your link in at Katy’s page.

Because I can never decide on one thing ever, here’s my list (which is aimed at Aussie students).

I would love for every Australian to read this book. The concept of Terra Nullius and the impact it had on the way Europeans came to this country and the way the Aboriginal people were treated is not adequately dealt with in schools. We should understand under what circumstances we are here.

In this series of essays Virginia Woolf argues that women need education, an income and privacy in order to be creative. Remember to maintain your independence, have your own space and your own money.

It’s okay to be any type of feminist you want, but never stop fighting. Both of these books talk about the fact that even though it is the 21st century, the idea that women are people is still a radical one, and that ‘women’ are not just white and determined by their birth gender.

Now go forth and be amazing.



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