Congrats @lauredhel from Litsy

Congratulations to @lauredhel over at Litsy for being the first person to finish the Aussies Rule Reading Challenge 2018! She has posted a photo offer book list so you can see what she has read.

I think the first person ever to finish the challenge deserves a prize so I’m sending her a little package of goodies.

I’ve also finished the challenge and you can see over on my Challenge page which books I’ve read.

I’m really glad that I put the challenge together but I still want to read more Aussie books. The last time I checked my stats, the books by Aussie authors still only makes up 18% of my reading this year. I’m sure I can do better. I’m putting another challenge together for 2019, so I hope you’ll check it out.

How are you going with the challenge? Have you discovered any new favourite books or authors? Make sure you let me know when you’re done!


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