It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hi folks!

No I am not referring to the fact that Christmas is nearly upon us (I’m a bit of a Grinch – I hate the over hyped, capitalist versions of religious celebrations (and I’m not religious anyway) but this one in particular does my head in).

I’m talking about this:

Sign ups for the 24 in 48 Readathon are open! I particularly love the first readathon of the year – it always tends to fall on a long weekend here in the land of Aus, plus it’s in the depths of summer where there is nothing to do but hide in the air conditioning. If you haven’t signed up to the 24 in 48 blog you should – the link is here. You can sign up and get any news or updates. You can also donate to the cause – the team does a great job sourcing prizes from publishers, but it’s always more difficult to source prizes for overseas people. Even a couple of bucks can help.

And then there’s this:

2019 is year 5 of the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge, put together by the incomparable Rachel Manwill (who also heads the 24 in 48 team – she’s a champ). I’m always excited to see what the new challenges will be, and 2019’s list doesn’t disappoint. One of the challenges is to read a manga, and Imogen has challenged me to read a whole manga rather than the one volume. So I think Ouran High School Host Club will be getting some attention from me in the new year.

I love the Read Harder Challenge as it always pushes me beyond my usual reading, and I always find something I enjoy that I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise.

You can check out the whole list of the 2019 Read Harder Challenge here.

Are you going to join the fun for either of these?

If you do Read Harder, are you a planner or a pantser? Normally I’m a pantser (I read what I like and then assess where I am in about June), but for 2019 I think I will do more planning and try to hit the harder for me challenges first.

How are your challenges for this year going? Are you nearly done?



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