The Aussies Rule 2019 Reading Challenge

I really enjoyed my Aussies Rule Challenge this year, and I know there were a few people playing along. So I’ve decided to keep it going for 2019! Also there will be prizes!

Here are the prompts:

  1. An Aussie book about politics or social science
  2. An Aussie play
  3. Some Aussie speculative fiction
  4. Some Aussie true crime that doesn’t focus on violence against women
  5. A book by an ATSI (Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander) person
  6. A book by a Miles Franklin winner
  7. A book by a winner of the Black and Write! Prize
  8. A winner of the Australian/Vogel literary award
  9. A book short listed for the Prime Ministers Literary Awards
  10. A book about an immigration or refugee experience
  11. New Zealanders also rule – a book by an Maori author
  12. A memoir by an ATSI person published in the last 10 years
  13. A book about ATSI history
  14. A book from Dr Anita Heiss’ Black Book Challenge
  15. An Aussie graphic novel
  16. A book by an Aussie LGBTQ+ author
  17. An Aussie book recommended by an Aussie author
  18. An Aussie book recommended by an Aussie booktuber, bookstagrammer or blogger
  19. A debut YA book
  20. An Aussie book you loved as a child or that is highly recommended for children.
  21. An Aussie book recommended or promoted by your local book store
  22. An Aussie book about feminism and/or gender
  23. A book by a new to you Aussie author
  24. A book by or about a disabled Aussie.
  • Prizes!
  • There will be prizes for the first to finish the challenge, and the person who finishes with the highest points.
  • Points? What points?
  • This year we’re going to use a point system to add more fun.
  • If you read a book for a prompt that is by someone who is:
    • LGBTQ+
      An Author of Colour
      Differently abled/neuro diverse
  • you will get an extra ‘point’, unless that specification is made in the question.
  • So, for example, if I read a book by Jen Wilde (who identifies as queer and neuro diverse) for the LGBTQ+ question, you get an extra point. If you read one of Jen Wilde’s books for the debut YA question, you get 2 extra points.
  • Sound like fun?
  • Excellent, time to start planning! I’ll be posting suggestions here. Let me know if you are confused to have questions.
  • Happy New Year!
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