24 in 48 Summary

It’s the end of the 24 in 48. I had a pretty successful run, despite waking up with a head cold on Sunday morning.

I read for about 15 hours – I had an unfortunate stopwatch mishap which means I lost my exact count sometime Sunday afternoon, by which point I was feeling so congested and gross that I could no longer find any fucks to give about the exact timing of how long I had read for.

I read:

A really fun YA space romp, this is a great debut from M.K England.

It took a little to adapt to the writing style, but this “memoirable novella” by Paige Krystal Wilcox gives an incredible insight into dysphoria and her journey. This is the first in a series and I will definitely be continuing. (All of the trigger warnings for this one peeps).

Another wonderful YA book, this is a wonderful story about identity, belonging and coming of age. (I’m planning to post a review of this one soon).

Who doesn’t love a sweary, how to guide from anti-guru Sarah Knight? (Obviously effective: see above re stopwatch).

I had this one on audio and the poor narrator couldn’t do an Aussie accent to save himself. This is an interesting to-ing and fro-ing through time between an ambitious art student and the woman whose work captures her imagination.

I also started:

Which I have since finished and quite enjoyed.

What did you read this weekend? How did you go if you were participating in the 24 in 48?



  1. Well done on getting so much reading done this weekend! I am always terrible at keeping track with the stopwatch – i rarely make it to the third reading session before I forget to turn it either on or off!
    I have been seeing The Disasters around quite a bit and wondered what it was like, so it was interesting to see that one here in your wrap up!

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  2. Get better soon!
    I also had a timing mishap in my last hour but luckily with the tracker I had recorded my last stop the hour before so I added the hour and the pages read and it calculated the rest – it may have been a few minutes out but oh well 🤷‍♀️

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