American Royals

I don’t usually read romance, but I couldn’t resist the pretty pink and blue cover of American Royals. And the sprayed edges, did I mention them?

Beatrice is the crown princess, next in line to the throne. She is known for her stiff upper lip and always doing what is right. But Beatrice is in love with her guard, Connor.

Samantha is a bit of a wild child. She wants Teddy Eaton – and Teddy wants her too, but Beatrice has proposed to Teddy and he doesn’t feel he can decline given his family’s delicate situation.

Nina wants Jefferson, Sam’a twin brother, and he wants her too. But she isn’t just getting Jeff. She is also getting the American public complete with paparazzi AND Jeff’s ex Daphne who desperately wants to be a princess. Is it actually worth it?

American Royals is a fun, rich people problems story. The romantic arcs are pretty standard with added crown jewels, heavier than usual expectations and media attention.

I was a little surprised that nothing was resolved in this book so there is a forthcoming American Royals 2.

If you enjoy a nice polite YA romance you will probably enjoy this one.




  1. The main reason I picked this book up is for those sprayed pink edges! I mean 😍
    I think this sounds interesting enough to keep me entertained for a few hours, and that’s about it. It’ll be good to see where book two, goes.
    Lovely review, Sue! 💜

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  2. This book looks gorgeous. Must have. And I’ve heard it’s an interesting concept and fairly enjoyable so will have to add this to the TBR. I’m glad you enjoyed it for the most part! 🙂

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