AusYABloggers #77 Saturday

Hello folks!

I’m back for #77 Saturday brought to you by the team at AusYABloggers

This week I am using Emergency Contact author Mary H.K. Choi’s new book Permanent Record.


Me and Rain take off our shoes, which most people know as an Asian thing, but that I’ve fond is an everyone-except-white-American-people thing. Migg’s mom, who lives in Bed-Stuy, loses her mind if you drag your outside shoes into her living room with her sofas covered in see-through plastic. She’ll offer you a pair of chanclas eight sizes too big, which she’ll pelt you with at ninety miles an hour if you try to argue about any of it.

Thoughts: I loved Emergency Contact and I am pretty keen to read this one. Choi’s trademark snarky humour is in this paragraph and of course the diverse character experiences are shown in that paragraph as well. I will have to bump it up the TBR!

Have you read this one? Let me know what you thought!



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