Do You Even Reading Challenge?

Hi folks!

Well it’s that time of the year, if you’re like me, that you start to look at your reading challenges for the year and see how you’ve gone, and start to ponder what challenges you will give your time in the following year.

I love a good reading challenge – they can help you read beyond your comfort zone, try new things and maybe even discover new favourite books, authors or even genres.

I have been a bit crap this year, not gonna lie.

I’ve managed to complete about 16 prompts for both the Read Harder, and the Reading Women’s challenges. I completely forgot I was doing the FOLD challenge and have only completed 1 prompt.

It looks like my Aussies Rule Challenge will be the only one I finish this year (apart from my Goodreads challenge). I have one prompt to go and hopefully I will be able to get that book from the library tomorrow. Fortunately my wide reading seems to have sustained me, and I finished a bunch of prompts without realising!

I’m grateful to Natalie from My Reading Days for talking about my little challenge on her You Tube channel. For those of you new to the concept, here in Australia the market is driven significantly by books from the USA and to a lesser extent from the UK. We have some amazing talent here in Australia, and so many Australians read books by US authors exclusively. The Aussies Rule Challenge provides you with some helpful prompts so you can increase the number of Aussies you are reading.

I am working on a new Aussies Rule challenge for 2020. I hope to have it finalised by the end of next week.

How are you going with your challenges this year?

Have you done the Aussies Rule challenge before? What would you like to see on it in 2020?


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