Queer in Space Readathon!

Hi folks, I hope you are having a wicked weekend!

I am pretty excited about this coming week, mainly because I stumbled across the Queer in Space Readathon run by Yarnowlreads. Make sure you check out their blog and instagram. They also have a great launch and recommendation video up on their YouTube channel.

I have not read anywhere near enough sci-fi this year and it’s my favourite genre. I vow to read more sci-fi in 2020! But in the meantime, this challenge will give me an excuse to read a few more sci-fi books before the year’s end.

I should point out that this is a speculative fiction challenge rather than just sci-fi, so do your thang. The challenge runs from December 16 – 22 in your time zone. So less than 12 hours till I can start. Not that I’m counting 🙂

Ok here are the prompts:

  • Author is a person of colour
  • Stars on the cover
  • A backlist title (2018 or earlier)
  • A not-entirely-human character
  • #Ownvoices representation (which can be any type of #ownvoices rep).

There is also a group read of Once and Future by Amy Rose Carpetta and Cori McCarthy AND a giveaway for a copy of The Disasters by M.K England that you can enter. (I’ve already read both of these this year and they are so much fun!)

Here are the books I’m going to be using to cover these prompts.

I read Freshwater at the beginning of the year, and was excited for Pet when I heard it was being released. Pet will cover the author of colour, and the #ownvoices rep prompts.

Space Unicorn Blues was recommended to me by a friend, and it has been sitting on my shelf waiting for a break in the library holds. This will cover the stars on cover, backlist title (it’s from 2018) and the not-entirely-human prompts.

If I can get some more queer sci-fi in my schedule next week I will. But, true to form, ya girl has a big pile of library books that require her attention.

Are you going to join the Queer in Space Readathon? What books have you picked out?



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