Aussies Rule Reading Challenge 2020 Announcement

Hey folks!

I’m very pleased to announce Aussies Rule Reading Challenge for 2020. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the past and to everyone who gave me prompt suggestions on Instagram. Particular thanks to @Lauredhel over on Litsy who has been participating in the challenge from day dot.

I originally put together the Aussies Rule challenge after my brain exploding about other reading challenges being so Americanised. Which is probably fair – most of them are written by Americans for Americans. But Australia has so much amazing writing talent that I would like to include in my reading life. I hope you will come on this journey with me.


  1. An Aussie book by a trans or non binary author.
  2. An Aussie book recommended by an Aussie podcast.
  3. A book of poetry or short stories by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander author.
  4. A non fiction book by an Aussie author of colour.
  5. One of the Growing Up in Australia series.
  6. An Aussie romance.
  7. A book from the 2020 Stella Longlist.
  8. A book by a refugee.
  9. A book by a woman, Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander, author of colour or LGBTQIA+ person published the year you were born.
  10. An Aussie book based as close as possible to either where you grew up or where you live now.
  11. A book about being a Muslim in Australia.
  12. Some Aussie YA Spec Fic.
  13. A book by an Aussie woman over 50.
  14. A book long listed for the Miles Franklin (any year.)
  15. An Aussie book about nature.
  16. An #ownvoices book with a disabled or neurodiverse main character.
  17. Some Aussie historical fiction set at a time other than early settlement.
  18. A book by a young (under 25) Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.
  19. A book by a young (under 25) queer Aussie.
  20. A book by an Aussie carer.
  21. An Aussie book recommended by your local indie book store.
  22. An Aussie book published by a small press.
  23. A middle grade or picture book by an Aussie Author of Colour.
  24. An Aussie book set in space.

As 2020 goes by I’ll post some suggestions for each prompt. Make sure you’re looking out for #aussiesrule20 here and on instagram.

Let me know what you think of the list. Will you be participating?



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