Queer in Space Readathon Wrap up

Hi folks!

The Queer in Space Readathon hosted by YarnOwlReads is well and truly over in my time zone. I struggled with one of my choices, but I really enjoyed the readathon. It has solidified my determination to read more queer sci fi in 2020. It just makes me so happy.

As I initially mentioned, I was planning on reading Pet and Space Unicorn Blues. Pet was both wonderful and devastating. Emezi’s writing is just so good and her world building was wonderful. Pet reminded me a little of Ryuk from Death Note, although possibly not as cute.

I wanted to love Space Unicorn Blues, but I didn’t. The writing was a bit clunky and so much is thrown at you in the opening, it’s a bit off putting. There are so many great elements to the story though – all of the main characters bar one are queer, there is some very critical commentary on colonisation, racism and other forms of prejudice. Plus the unicorn’s name is Gary.

I’m going to make sure I have the readathon in my diary for next year so I can be more prepared. It’s such a wonderful idea.

Did you take part? What did you read? Do you have any recommendations for me?



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