Down the TBR Hole #5

Hi folks! It is once again time to dive down the TBR hole and see if I can bear to part with anything on my Goodreads TBR which is now at 1892. Go me!

This prompt was created by Lost in a Story to help you reduce your Goodreads TBR. (Okay how did my TBR increase by nearly 50 books in not quite 10 days? Darn these end of year lists!)

How to play:

  • Go to your Goodreads TBR
  • Put in descending order by the date added
  • Look at the first 5 books
  • Read the synopsis
  • Decide whether is stays or goes.

Let’s hit it.

Thoughts: A lovely friend gifted me with a copy of this, and it’s Roxane Gay, so it definitely stays. I’m hoping to read this one in 2020.

Thoughts: I will still read this (because I have purchased it) although I am mad at Margaret Atwood her TERFish inclinations. So it stays.

Thoughts: I completely forgot about this book and it looks so interesting! Davis was diagnosed as intersex as a child, but wasn’t told about it to “protect” her. This book is about the experience of intersex people. It’s a keeper!

Thoughts: I also forgot about this book and it also looks really interesting! Keep!

Thoughts: Oh look, more koans! These stay. I will take all the koan books thank you.

Once again I have shown either that past me has excellent taste in books or I really suck at this game. Have you read any of these? Let me know your thoughts!


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