F is for Friday

Hi folks, welcome back to Friday. I hope you are looking forward to a fun and book filled weekend!

How to participate in F is for Friday:

  1. Credit the creator (Nomadic Worlds) and link back to them.
  2. Answer the questions to the best of your ability.
  3. Enjoy yourself.


  • Feature your latest bookish obsession (doesn’t need to be your current read.
  • Indicate which book/s you are looking forward to reading over the weekend.
  • Favourite quote of the day/week.
  • Five things you are happy about or grateful for.

F – latest bookish obsession. Obsession is probably a bit of a strong word, but I am very enamoured with this right now.

This book is so much fun – there’s mysteries and space and spaceships and bad people and space cops who are also sort of mercenaries. I think I will enjoy this series.

I – books you are looking forward to reading this weekend. I am hoping to get further through Leviathan Wakes BUT I’m also wanting to get through this one.

Favourite quote – my favourite quote from the week is from Wordslut – I just opened the book onto this and thought it was great. Especially after a conversation I had with a work colleague during the week that enfuriated me.

Say we’re talking about reproductive health. Instead of saying something like “women need access to cervical cancer screenings”, we can get more specific and say “people with cervixes need access to cervical cancer screenings”. This language is taboo, Zimman says, because it’s not participating in a euphemising of sex. But it’s an example of how speaking in an inclusive way is more accurate, especially since not all women have cervixes; not all people with cervixes are women; having a cervix doesn’t make you a woman, it just makes you a person with a cervix; and also “people with cervixes” is just a cuter marketing phrase anyway.

Five things I am grateful for or happy about:

  • I am really grateful for all the incredibly generous people in this country who are donating to help those who have lost everything. Australians are good in a crisis.
  • I’m grateful that my home, family and pets are safe.
  • I’m very happy that it’s school holidays. It’s nice to spend some time with the kid when she’s not doing homework or stressed out of her mind.
  • I’ve just had word that my little body corporate group is going to put in a community garden! We are lucky enough to have some green space here, and I have been saying for a while that a community garden would be a great idea. I’m so excited!
  • I’m planning on going out for breakfast tomorrow morning – just me and a book. I’m happy about that.

And that’s it from me – time to sit back with a book and have a nice cup of tea. I hope you have a happy and safe weekend.



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