Down the TBR Hole #7

Happy Sunday party people. I hope your weekend has been awesome.

It’s time for another deep dive into the dark and disturbing depths of my TBR. Buckle up!

This prompt was created by Lost in a Story to help you reduce your Goodreads TBR. My current TBR has only increased by 2 during the week (1908) but that’s mainly because I haven’t added the list of 2020 publications that I saw today.

How to play:

  • Go to your Goodreads TBR
  • Put in descending order by date added
  • Look at the first 5 books
  • Read the synopsis
  • Decide if they stay or go.

Thoughts: This looks great. It’s a keeper.

Thoughts: I definitely need the complete stories from Dorothy Parker. This stays.

Thoughts: This looks interesting, but I don’t think I want to read it any more. It’s gawn.

Thoughts: I don’t think I need to read this one either. It’s outta here!

Thoughts: I honestly don’t know why I added this one. It has some good ratings on Goodreads. Maybe someone recommended it to me. Oh well, it’s coming off!

Well that seems like a pretty successful exercise. Please excuse me while I go and add 15 new releases to my list.



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