AusYABloggers #77Saturday Swallow the Air

Hi folks! It’s a steamy Saturday here in Brisbane and it’s time for more #77Saturday action.

Here is how to play along if you are so inclined:

  1. Find a book – your current read, something lying around within stretching distance, whatever floats your boat.
  2. Turn to page 77 or 77% if you are on an ereader.
  3. Find a snippet you like.
  4. Share it and link back to AusYABloggers.

Today’s snippet is from Tara June Winch’s debut Swallow the Air.

The truckiewas heading to the Supercharge Raceway in Darwin. Melbourne to the Top End. He said he never usually went the coast road but the bush fires were spread out west and this was the only way. He said that from here onwards there would be less traffic, he said it to reassure me but I didn’t mind either way. He’d been there before, Darwin; it was there he’d met his missus. He told me about it as we drove. Diving in an out of his stories of the raceway and of the sweating community that dangles on the edge of the Arafura Sea.

I read The Yield last year and loved Winch’s beautiful writing, and I’m planning to read this one tomorrow. If you’re following along with the Aussies Rule Reading Challenge, this would be a good fit for prompt 18, as Winch was only 22 when this was published.

Also a note on the artwork in the photo – I bought this during the Birdsville races in September 1997 from an Aboriginal man who had a table full of beautiful pieces like this one. I love it. (I’m pretty sure he told me that the rock he used was a cast off from opal mining, and I thought that was pretty cool. If you google search Mindurlunni it looks like he is still doing work with stones and painting.)

What are you reading this weekend?



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