Lammas/Imbolc Book Tag

Hello! It’s Lammas here in the Southern Hemisphere, so I’ve put together the next in the Wheel of the Year book tags. I’m only going to do the Lammas one, but the Imbolc prompts are here for my Northern Hemisphere friends.

Imbolc celebrates the turn of winter and the coming of the warmer months.

1. New beginnings: What new series or new release are you eager to read?

2. Goddess of the Hearth: what book makes you feel that warm happy glow?

3. Group rituals are popular this time of year: Which is your favourite bookish squad.

4. Fertility is a big deal this time of year: Talk about your favourite book about fertility, be it about sexy times, food, or the natural world.

Lammas celebrates that summer is nearly over.

1. The days are already shortening, and the heat will soon give way to cooler days. What has been your favourite summer read?

Joe Cinque’s Consolation has been my favourite read so far this summer (review coming!) I’ve expressed my love for Helen Garner’s writing elsewhere at length, but she is such a master, and this case was so tragic. Wordslut by Amanda Montell was also fantastic, and really hit my nerdy language and feminist buttons.

2. Prepare for the winter. Are you stockpiling? What’s on your TBR?

Haha, I wrote these prompts, I shouldn’t be shocked by them. My TBR is a travesty and totally out of control. This is part of my TBR – most of it has it’s own shelf.

3. The breaking of bread is a typical celebration at this time. What is your favourite book about bread in particular or food in general?

I am not a foodie, and my diet is difficult to find catered for anywhere so I don’t do recipe books. I do however love Sourdough by Robin Sloan.

4. Lammas is all about sharing and being thankful. What book have you been most thankful for recently.

The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox is an absolute joy. I’m very thankful to have been introduced to it and an amazing New Zealand author.

Please tag me if you use the book tag – I would love to see your responses!



  1. Ooooh I loved this tag! Especially the part that says “SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER” if I’m honest haha
    So many great looking books on your tbr stack there – a few of them are on mine too, and I’m particularly keen to read The Memory Police!

    Liked by 1 person

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