AusYABloggers #77Saturday This Taste For Silence

Hi folks, it’s #77Saturday time yet again.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Find a book – it can be your current read or something lying around.
  2. Turn to page 77 or 77% on an e-reader.
  3. Find a snippet that you like.
  4. Share it and link back to AusYABloggers.

Today’s book is This Taste for Silence by Amanda O’Callaghan, which was put onto my radar by the delightful Em from Em_isreading on Instagram. Make sure you give her a follow, she’s a deadset legend.

This book is Nyx approved.

Like us all, he did not bargain on a complication. He did not expect to find a tongue-tied boy, an innocent, who could never, no matter what, push a man in the back and topple him over a cliff.

But a practical man thinks on his feet and Mr Gregory saw, quickly enough, that the route to me was through Peter. It was a long game. I did not see it coming.

I finished this book of short stories and holy wow, it left me disturbed and discomforted in ways I could not have imagined going into it. Most of the stories will string you along and keep you guessing most of the time, and the ones where O’Callaghan does spell stuff out made my spine tingle. (If I hadn’t been on some serious painkillers last night I think the last one would have haunted me all night!)


I highly recommend you pop this one on your TBR.

What are you reading this weekend?


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