AusYABloggers #77Saturday – Anna K.

Hi folks, welcome to another edition of social distancing #77Saturday. How are you handling all of this malarkey? I hope you are staying in groups of 2 keeping 1.5 meters away from everyone else, not touching your face and washing your hands.

How to play:

  1. Find a book – it can be your current read or one that’s just lying around.
  2. Turn to page 77 or 77% on an ereader.
  3. Find a snippet you like.
  4. Share it and link back to AusYABloggers

Today’s snippet is from Anna K. I couldn’t resist a diverse Anna Karenina retelling. Plus check out that cover.

She knew her sister worshipped at the altar of Taylor Swift and she only knew about “old school rap” because Steven loved it. Kimmie once caught Lolly making a “hip hop terminology” cheat sheet and told her she’s get better grades if she applied even half as much effort to her homework. Lolly deadpanned “Bih please, the right bf is way more important than school.”

I feel that this will be a fun read – or at least as fun as an Anna Karenina retelling can possibly be.

Is this one on your TBR?


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