AusYABloggers #77Saturday – Aurora Rising

Hi folks, sorry I’ve been a bit quiet. Adjusting to this whole pandemic situation has taken more out of me than I realised. I’ve just had a week off work and was going to spend it blogging and cleaning, but instead I spent it sleeping and reading. Which is good in a way because I will have more to talk to you about!

At any rate here we are again for #77Saturday. Here are the rules if you would like to play along,

  1. Find a book, be it your current read or one just lying around.
  2. Turn to page 77, or 77% on an ereader.
  3. Find a snippet you like.
  4. Share it and link back to AusYABloggers.

Today’s snippet is from Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.

“What’s that supposed to be?” Finian asks.

“It’s a dragon,” I reply. “Present from my mum. He’s for luck.”

“It’s a stuffed toy, how is it supp —“

“Shut up, Finian.”

“…Okay are you hitting on me? It feels like you might be hitting on me.”

I finished Aurora Rising last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has all the action, sharp writing, creepiness and sass that we have come to expect from the Kaufman-Kristoff partnership. Illuminae will always be my first and greatest love, but this was pretty good. I’m looking forward to sequel which is due later this month.

Have you read this one yet?


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