2021 Reading Challenges

Aussies Rule Challenge:

Read :

1. About the 1965 Freedom Rides

2. A collection of poetry

3. A book with another language in it  4. A collection of essays

5. A book that has won a major literary prize

6. A book by an Aboriginal sports person

7. A book by a politician of colour or from a non Christian background

8. A book by a musician or actor of colour

9. A collection of short stories

10. A book recommended by an Aussie bookstagrammer of colour

11. A book recommended by an Aussie author of colour

12. A book published by Magabala Books

13. A book by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander author written in the 20th Century

14. A book by a Muslim author

15. A book by a refugee

16. A book by Oodgeroo

17. A book of social/political commentary

18. A book by a queer author

19. A book about being hijabi

20. A story about family

21. A book by a disabled or neurodiverse author

22. The Macquarie Book of Aboriginal Literature

23. A debut author

24. A book from the Stella Longlist

Rogue Book Coven Reading Challenge:

  1. A book of poetry by a queer author
  2. A debut YA or MG novel
  3. A non fiction book about police violence or prison abolition
  4. A book by an indigenous author from where you live.
  5. A book of poetry from a small press (bonus task – write a review of it anywhere)
  6. A non cookbook that includes recipes
  7. A book in translation about the environment/climate change
  8. Read a coven recommended book
  9. A buddy read
  10. Send a letter or post card about a book you read
  11. Read a own voices book about disability or chronic illness
  12. Read a book – ficton or non fiction – about the LGBTQIA+ experience
  13. Read a romance novel (bonus points if the author and MC are LGBTQIA+
  14. Read a retelling in any genre or tradition
  15. Read a work of fiction by an indigenous author
  16. Read an anthology where all authors are BIPOC
  17. Read a work of spec fic by an Asian or Asian American author
  18. Read a book first pubished prior to 1980
  19. Read a mystery.
  20. Read a book you’ve had on your TBR for over 5 years.

The Reading Women:

  1. Longlisted for the JCB prize
  2. Author from Eastern Europe
  3. About Incarceration
  4. Cookbook by a woman of colour
  5. Protganist older than 50
  6. South American author in translation
  7. Reread a favourite
  8. Memoir by an indigenous woman
  9. By a neurodivergent author
  10. Crime novel or thriller intranslation
  11. About the natural world
  12. Young Adult Novel by Latinx author
  13. Poetry collection by a Black woman
  14. Biracial protagonist
  15. Muslim Middle Grade novel
  16. A queer love story
  17. About a woman in politics
  18. Rural setting
  19. Cover designed by a woman
  20. Arab author in translation
  21. By a trans author
  22. Fantasy book by an Asian author
  23. Nonfiction focussed on social justice
  24. Short story collection by a Caribbean author