Aussies Rule Reading Challenge 2018

A convenient list of all the prompts.

  1. A biography about or a memoir by an Aboriginal Australian.
  2. An Aussie classic by a woman.
  3. A book about an Aussie true crime or tragedy.
  4. A mystery or thriller by a female writer.
  5. A non-fiction book by an Aboriginal author.
  6. A book which features a character with a chronic illness or disability (can be non-fiction).
  7. A classic by an Aboriginal author.
  8. A book from your home state.
  9. A book from a state you haven’t visited.
  10. A recent book about colonisation/white ‘exploration’. (Can be Fiction)
  11. A book that features Aboriginal spirituality (by an Aboriginal author).
  12. A book by an Aussie of colour who is an immigrant or refugee.
  13. A book by an Aussie of colour who is not Aboriginal and was born in Australia.
  14. A book of poetry released in the last 10 years.
  15. A YA book with LGBT+ representation (extra points for #ownvoices).
  16. A book published by a University press.
  17. A book by an LGBT+ author (bonus points if also a person of colour).
  18. Some Aussie sci-fi.
  19. An Aussie debut novel.
  20. An Aussie author writing about a different country or culture.
  21. A book set in the outback or a small country town.
  22. A winner of the David Unaipon Award.
  23. A book by an Aussie NY Times Bestselling author.
  24. A book that was shortlisted for the Stellas, the Ned Kellys, or the Miles Franklin award