24 in 48 Wrap up


How was your 24 in 48? Are you still going?

I didn’t make it to 24 hours, but I’m pretty happy with my new PB!

I finished Binti:Home which was great, and made it about halfway through Swing Time.

Swing Time is just such an unusual book. I’ve not read any Zadie Smith before. Most book have a pretty predictable narrative structure, but I’m not sure where this one is going. I’m enjoying the journey though.

The Diverseathon is still continuing of course, so happy diverse reading everyone!

24 in 48 Day 2 and Diverseathon


Welcome to day 2 of the 24 in 48 from the beautiful city of Brisbane. I’m happy to report that the horribly hot weather we’ve been having finally broke yesterday, which means I actually slept last night. Yay!!

I’ve done a considerable bit of snacking from this one after Stay With Me broke my heart last night.

Turns out all my diverse books on audio are probably going to make me cry, so I decided to chillax with some grammar. 🤘🏽I am really enjoying this because the author ( who also narrates the audio) is comparing English grammar and syntax to so many other languages in order to demonstrate some of the weird shit our language does.

I’ve had to do some adulting this morning, so I’m a bit behind. Plans for today:

I’m so incredibly happy to have been granted access to Binti: Home by Netgalley. It’s due out in just over a week.

How is your challenge going? What your favourite read so far?

24 in 48 Day 1 Wrap up


It has been a pretty intense day. Here’s my count as of the now:

Respectable I think. I’m pretty sure at this point I’m not going to hit the full 24 hours, but I should beat the 14 that I made it to last time.

After Dreadnought, I’ve also finished these two books today:

This is such a lovely story, I definitely had some tears at the end. This is also a great book for anyone who isn’t sure why the Aboriginal people are still pissed. The Aboriginal people weren’t considered to be ‘people’ (ie, they had no rights at all and weren’t even included in the census) until the Referendum of 1967. Set in the 1940s, this book intelligently and accessibly talks about a couple of pieces of legislation (including the White Australia Act) that were on foot at that time and their impact on the people. I highly recommend this one.

I’ve just finished this one and I’m very much still in WTF just happened?? mode. I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest and stomped on multiple times.

I think I will try to press on a bit further tonight, but I need to find something a bit lighter!

How are you travelling?

Don’t forget tomorrow is also the start of the Diverseathon! It’s a great opportunity to get a couple of extra books squeezed in!

24 in 48 update – 4 hours down


20 to go!!

Dreadnought was so good! I really enjoyed it – it gave me all the feels. I’ll put up a full review in the next couple of weeks.

This baby is next.

Anita Heiss is a well known Wiradjuri author. She and a number of others are currently warming up for their Swim for the Reef challenge to raise money for the Environmental Defenders Office of Qld. (Our stupid government keeps wanting to build things like ‘mega ports’ outside the world heritage area of the Great Barrier Reef which could be incredibly damaging.) You can find out more (and donate if you wish) here.

This also ticks boxes for my Litsy A to Z,  Reading Around the World and AWW challenges.

I ventured outside to take this shot – and nearly melted. It’s 32 (C) and 90% humidity out there! I’m very grateful for air conditioning. 

How is your challenge travelling?

24 in 48 – And we’re off!


Here in Brisbane, it’s pretty gross and summery at the moment. It’s so humid that sweat pours off you when you’re standing still, let alone when you’re moving. Suffice to say that sleep didn’t really happen a lot for me last night, so at 12.30 this morning I kicked off the #24in48 with this beauty.

I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m not a superhero or comic fan at all, but it has totally sucked me in.

Are you participating in #24in48? How are you paving yourself? What are you reading?

Thank you and Goodnight – #24in48 wrap up


It’s all over. I clocked up a not very impressive 14 hours worth of reading. Though to be honest I’m impressed I’ve managed to do 14 hours of anything other than sleeping given how ill I’ve been over the last week. This is where audiobooks really come into their own for me – I listened to books for the entire time as it allowed me to lie down and exert myself as little as possible while still ingesting wordage.

I woke stupidly early and found it difficult to get into the pace. I started off with a bit of Angelmaker then moved to Binti, before getting stuck into Herland thanks the The Bookish Feminist. I also managed to finish Shocked which was fun. 

Litsy was also heaps of fun today, completely alive with all the participants photos and updates. It has been a pleasure playing along with everyone. I will no doubt check in tomorrow and see how everyone is finishing up.

Where are you in your readathon goals?

#24in48 Saturday Night check in


So far it’s looking pretty grim – 5 hours down, 19 to go. And between a week of illness and 24 hours with some teens I don’t think there will be a lot more action tonight.

I decided to hit a couple of books I had started first.

Speak by Louisa Hall was the first – I absolutely adored the way she used the novel to explore the use of voice, stories and language and the appropriations of these particularly of women’s voices and stories.

I’m now reading Shocked by David Casarett, and I have to say it’s an absolute delight. Given that it is exploring the history of resuscitation, you wouldn’t expect there to be much to laugh about, but Casarett’s witty turn of phrase (not to mention the obvious disdain for a lot of animal testing done in the area) makes for a fun time. I have about 3 hours to go on this one, so should finish it tomorrow unless a flight of fancy takes me elsewhere.

Speaking of flights of fancy, one of my Litsy peeps challenged me to post a photo on Litsy being the first person to be jumping on a trampoline while reading. Challenge accepted.

You can find me on Litsy as Sue. Come and join the fun – it’s hands down my favourite social media app.

How is the readathon weekend treating you?