Reading Around the World Challenge – update


Going away for the weekend has thrown out my blogging schedule (like I had one of those anyway!) But I did want to give you a quick update on my prep for my Reading Around the World Challenge.

It’s a bit of slow going to be honest. You can check out my progress on this page here¬†which is where I’m making a living list of the books I have planned for each country. One of the biggest challenges I’m facing is picking just one. So I may not and may read multiple books for some countries where I can’t make a decision. I also have an ever evolving list on Goodreads (you can find me here¬†)which I have more flexibility to update. I think I have books for about 20 countries now (just 176 more to go).

Which is where you come in, dear reader! I would love to know what books or authors you would recommend from your part of the world (must have been translated into English please!)

Who and what do you think I should be reading for my Around the World Challenge?

Diversity Challenge – Reading Around the World


Reading diversely is very important to me – there are so many people with awesome stories to tell that don’t get as much exposure as they should because they aren’t white and straight. And sometimes white people think they are the best placed to be telling stories of people who aren’t white even though they don’t have those lived experiences.

I try hard to read people who aren’t straight white and male, and sometimes I succeed at that better than others. 

A lovely person who I follow on Litsy posted a link to this amazing story about Ann Morgan, who decided to read a book from every country in the world. In the article there is a link to her world map, where she has linked to the book she has read for that country.

What a great idea!!

I’ve decided to follow in Ann’s footsteps and try to take a similar journey. I’m going to start in 2017, which will give me time to get my Netgalley queue under control and to do some planning and gather resources. It will be a interesting challenge – especially trying to find translations from some smaller countries into English – but I’m going to give it a red hot crack.

I feel like this is a great opportunity to be exposed to new authors and cultures and learn a lot about the world – which is why I’ve always loved reading in the first place. 

I had considered using books I’ve read previously to get a bit of a head start, but on further contemplation I’ve decided to start afresh on January 1 and try to read modern fiction and non fiction preferably on this journey. (For example, I’ve read Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, but nothing modern from Russia.)

I’m also not going to give myself a time limit – my TBR is pretty big and I’ll still be reading new releases so this will be an ongoing challenge, probably covering at least a couple of years.

So, dear reader, I have two things to ask.

Does anyone want to join me?

Do you have suggestions or recommendations? I known there are a bunch of you who are not situated in the west, and I’d be very interest to hear from you!