Indigenous Authors and Titles

This page is under construction and  is dedicated to Indigenous authors and their works. Please note this post references Aboriginal people who are deceased.

I will initially concentrate on the Aussie Indigenous peoples and will be borrowing a lot from Dr Anita Heiss’s Black Book Challenge which you can find on her blog here.

  • Graham Ackhurst – Borderland
  • Ali Cobby Eckermann – Ruby Moonlight, Too Afraid to Cry, Inside My Mother, Little Bit Long Time
  • Dr Anita Heiss – Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms, Am I Black Enough For You, multiple titles
  • Ellen van Neervan – Heat and Light, Comfort Food
  • Boori Monty Pryor – Maybe Tomorrow
  • Bruce Pascoe – Dark Emu
  • Alexis Wright – The Swan Book, Carpenteria, multiple titles
  • Kim Scott – That Deadman Dance, Taboo, multiple titles
  •  Melissa Lucashenko – Mullumbimby, Steam Pigs
  • Larissa Behrendt – Legacy
  • Nicole Watson – The Boundary
  • Claire G Coleman – Terra Nullius
  • Charles Perkins – A Bastard Like Me
  • Bill Dodd – Broken Dreams
  • Rita and Jackie Huggins – Aunty Rita
  • Jackie Huggins – Sister Girl
  • Ruby Langford Ginibi – Don’t Take Your Love to Town, Real Deadly, multiple titles.
  • Stan Grant – The Tears of Strangers
  • Sally Morgan – My Place
  • Monty Walgar – Jinangga
  • PhilipMcLaren- Scream Black Murder, Sweet Water – Stolen Land, Murder in Utopia, multiple titles
  • Kenny Laughton – NotQuite Men, No Longer Boys
  • Leah Purcell – Black Chicks Talking
  • Sam Watson – The Kadaitcha Sung
  • Herb Wharton – Unbranded
  • Noel Pearson – Up from the Mission
  • Doris Pilkington – Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence