#Bookishbloggersunite – Midyear Reading in Review


#BookishBloggersUnite began as a group of bookish friends who wanted to write about books together. This is a catch up post from last week (because my last week has been a little crap) and the lovely Jade over at Bindros Bookshelf was our host. Make sure you check out her stunning blog.

1. Number of books read

I tend to set my Goodreads Reading Challenge at 150, although I have smashed that total the last couple of years. I want to make sure I give myself the freedom to be reading longer books that may take more time, and I do feel like I’ve read a lot more books over 400 pages this year than I have in previous years. That being said, my total is currently sitting at 114 for the year, meaning that 200 for the year should be attainable.

2. Tracking my Books

Goodreads is a tried and true method for me. I did make up a manual journal to track pages, diversity and so forth, but it’s been a good couple of months since I’ve made any entries in that. (I don’t use a spreadsheet because a look at those suckers all day at work.)

3. Reading Challenges

Hmm excellent question!

Read Harder – I have 6 left, all ones I’m struggling with.

The Reading Women Challenge – I have 8 to go, again ones I’m struggling with.

The Aussies Rule Challenge – I have 12 to go. (Next month is Black History month here, so I’m planning to smash out a few then!)

4. Favourite Books So Far

My top 10 in no particular order:

In Carpenteria, Alexis Wright beautifully shows the frustrations and anger of A original people trying to live with whites in a small remote community.

John Boyne will break your heart over and over with this story of a gay Irishman born just after WW2 and his life’s journey.

Kameron Hurley creates a unique world with a diverse cast of characters and a seriously flawed main character.

Really interesting perspective on the history of the USA from an Indigenous viewpoint. This book taught me some horrifying stuff.

Do I need to say anything more about this one? Coming to the US in September, Tor has listed it as one of their most anticipated reads for that month.

I’ve mentioned Azar’s Book previously as well. Her writing is beautiful.

I love Alice Oseman’s writing and the way her characters jump off the page.

The third in this series has just come out. Fox captures both the sweltering heat of Cairns and the despair of a man with nothing left to lose. I’m looking forward to catching up on this series.

I’ve mentioned this one before as well. E.K Johnston is great and this alternate future story is pretty awesome.

I finished Dread Nation yesterday and it’s just so good. Jane is a kick-arse heroine and I love her grit. Also lots of social commentary about what slavery, freedom and racism look like, with bonus zombies.

How is your year of reading going so far?