Word Nerd Wednesday


A lot of the words in this post are words that are used in Australia, all of the time. So, lets start off this ocker word fest.

Lets start with that word I just used; ockerOcker (as defined by Dictionary.com) means a couple of things. The way it’s been used here it means, “typically Australian”. If you look at the definition here, though you’ll see there are a few different definitions. The one that really made me laugh though, was “an uncultured Australian male”.

The next word is a family favourite:


Larrikin has always meant to me, “stupid bloke” basically, but apparently professionals like different wording, as they describe a larrikin as “a street rowdy: hoodlum” or “disorderly: rowdy”. So I was kind of right.

And lastly from Sue:


Sledge is Australian slang for “making offensive remarks in order to break concentration”. So it’s not a hammer or a sleigh and me being the un-sporty person i am, think this is really unfair. I’ve never experienced it because the only sport I do is forced upon me at school and doing that is not allowed. So yeah, I’ll just sit over here and question from a distance and think it’s cheating. It probably happened a lot in this book:



Now it’s my turn.

I have a couple of words, my first word is tarantism

Tarantism is “an uncontrollable impulse to dance”. I think many of us can relate to this; can’t dance to save ourselves but you know what? I want to so I will.

Mt last word is one that I’m sure quite a few people know (especially if you’re a Whovian)


Petrichor is “the smell of dust after rain” and Dictionary.com is in denial about this word and wouldn’t show a definition. But I’m enough of a nerd to be sure about the meaning and spelling.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed these words and can now annoy your friends by knowing some random trivia and being smarter than them.