Review: On the Run


It’s the 1990s in California. Pablo is a young, wealthy Central American man leading the good life. Until one day  he witnesses and is blamed for a vicious crime which leaves him with both the police and drug lords after him.

His money gone and a bounty on his head, Pablo descends into crime himself in order to survive. He heads across the country to New York to seek out the only person he can think of with the knowledge and skills to assist him – Mad Dog, his best friend’s cousin who himself has been working in the drug trade for the last ten years. Pablo will face many challenges in his new life underground, but one of the biggest will be dealing with his new ally, whose way of seeing the world is very different to his own.


This book is so much fun! Pablo is an interesting study of what a person will do when they are pushed to the limit to find out what they are capable of.  His own horror at his initial actions is realistic and he then rather than bottoming out he seems to equalise and find his new moral compass.

Mad Dog, however, is my favourite character. He is a hardened dug dealer who has seen bad things and had bad things happen to him. But he is not a bad guy. He’s not just interested, but invested in Pablo’s welfare and continually tries to expand Pablo’s thinking and encourage his self-development and self awareness. Mad Dog also has concern for his clients – he doesn’t see an addiction to cocaine as being any different to an addiction to sex, money or power (although is worse as it could kill you). All of these things indicate someone is trying to fill a hole inside them. Pablo gets really frustrated with Mad Dog’s “new age crap” but realises he has no choice but to suck it up because Mad Dog is literally saving his life. On the Run is essentially a journey to self for Pablo, with Mad Dog as his guide.

The book is incredibly well researched and intricately detailed. There were times I had to remind myself that I was reading a work of fiction rather than a memoir. The story is well paced and will completely suck you in!

4 out of 5 offshore bank accounts.

With thanks to Netgalley and the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.



It’s Monday! What are you reading?


The It’s Monday! What are you reading? book meme is hosted by Book Date.

I always have multiple books on the go.

For my commute, I’m listening to this on audio:


Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies was recommended by the wonderful Liberty from All the Books  I have gone into it completely blind – with a title like that, who needs information! Turns out it’s YA fantasy and right up my alley. The protagonist is delightfully snarky and I suspect he’s about to find himself in hot water.

If I get any down time, I’m reading this ARC on Kindle:


A young man has his identity stolen by a drug ring which then executes a bunch of dangerous drug runners leaving him terrified, broke and desperate. So he submits to his fate and starts on a crime spree to get himself enough money to set himself up in New York until he can come up with a better plan. I’m about 40% through this one so far.

Imogen is reading:

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this book enough times to cause no confusion. Imogen is gearing up for the release of Gemina (and I have been told that if I manage to acquire Gemina prior to our ordered copies coming in on November 1, my physical safety will be forfeit.)

What’s your reading week looking like?