We are a mother and daughter team who live in Brisbane, Australia. We both love to read, listen to music and just generally goof around. We aspire to write something ourselves but we get bored/lazy/stuck actually coming up with good stories. In this digital era we think it is important to keep books and literature alive so please, come along and listen to our opinions, read lots and generally, fangirl. It’s good for you, even if you’re a boy.



I’m a book nerd from way back. Like from before the internet was a thing. I love the digital age as:

  1. I don’t need to fit all of my books into my teeny tiny house,
  2. I don’t need to wait till the shops open to buy books and
  3. I am pretty sure no one will judge a book collection they can’t see.

I will read almost anything and believe that a good book should change the way you see the world.


Hello. I am Imogen yes like Heaps and Poots, which actually is funny because I love to sing and act. I am still in school and I am part of the official nerd club in my grade which consists of 3 people. I read heaps of YA (Young Adult). I am a total suck up and have PFD (Permanent Fangirl Disorder), while still maintaining a slight social life and awesome grades.